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Our history

international transports.
since 1938.
Founded in 1938, up to 1970 Alpina Trasporti operated transports almost exclusively from and to Germany, mainly by rail.
In the 80's it started to work with Great Britain, Sweden, Finland (road and intermodal transport), and with China and Turkey in 2000.

The passion and professionalism shown during the years have lead to a continuous development of services, adding maritime transport first, followed by air transport, and the integration of logistics more than 30 years ago.

The logistics segment was born with the warehousing and management of Nixdorf Computer and Schiesser Gmbh shippings, and it then developed with new customers: Lego S.p.a., Fippi S.p.a., Versace Profumi S.p.a., Lancaster S.p.a., Coty S.p.a., Henkel S.p.a., Morris division, Gedy S.p.a., Cartasì S.p.a., Makita S.p.a., Amazon/BuyVip.

A warehouse of 10,000 square meters is located in a strategic position between Milan and Malpensa.

In 2005, when we received the authorization from the Ministry of Customs to manage a customs warehouse and VAT storage, we entered in a contractual agreement with the firm Sisecam/Turkey for handling all their goods destined to Italy: transport, customs operations, customs warehousing, national distribution, average warehousing of 7,000/10,000 plts handling 3,000 plts per months.

Alpina has always operated in the logistics field working for customers needing great attention, precision and confidentiality, due to both the type of goods and the peculiarity of the service requested.

Over more than 70 years, Alpina Trasporti has built professional relations with its customers, based on mutual trust and respect. Because professionalism and quality are keys to human relationships. They are distinctive signs.