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e-commerce. e-volved:
from receiving, to assembling
to shipping.
E-commerce is the new frontier of shopping. Active in the e-commerce industry since many years, in 2007 Alpina Trasporti started to work for BuyVip, one of the most important online shopping club. Five years of cooperation and thousands of shippings every day, allowed Alpina Trasporti to acquire a great expertize in the filed, at the service of all customers willing to start and develop their e-commerce.

Alpina Trasporti uses an e-commerce specific software: modular, scalable, user-friendly and complete, it enables an ideal management of any online shops, from goods reception to storage, and from the delivery to the customer to the management of returned goods. With a daily check on shipping status.

A 3000 square meters workplace allows for a high-capacity picking (about 30,000 units). After the reception, the integrity check and the eventual palletisation of loose goods, Alpina takes care of preparing, assembling, packaging and labelling outgoing orders. The daily capacity of order handling is 10,000 units, but it can be higher during specific times of the year. Alpina Trasporti also takes care of returned goods, both from the customer and the supplier.